Welcome to the " America-Europe Friendsip Association"
                          A Transatlantic Network of Friends
AEFA is a non -political, non Profit, self supporting association, based on Freedom
                        Dignity, Mutual Respect, Common Norms and  Values.
             > Promoting, stimulating, Building and strengthening the Social,Cultural and                         Friendly ties between America, Europe and the Netherlands :
             . Promoting, stimulating and building Friendly, Mutual Relations and Cooperation
               between America, Europe and in particular Limburg Netherlands together with                   like minded Organizations, Institutions and Networks that have related                             objectives:
             . To promote a better understanding of and appreciation for the core activities of 
               Alliancie and International organizations such as the North Atlantic Treaty                       Organization and the European Union concerning Freedom, Peace. Security and
             .  Working towards lasting Honoring and Commemorating Allied fallen, Allied                        Veterans and Victims in a dignified and respectful manner (Let's Not Forget):
             .  To serve as a platform os information, Sharing experiences, Interrelationships,
                Activities,Gathering and informative Briefings to promote and to strengthen                     Mutual understanding, Simularities, Comradery and Friendship

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