Under the patronage of the Honorable Pete Hoekstra, Ambassador of the United States of America to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, AEFA, the America-Europe Frienship Association Limburg NL, 
is now officially recognized by the U.S. as an organization promoting friendship, goodwill, and harmonious relationships between the United States the Netherlands, NATO, European Union & other 
European nations
US Ambassador  Pete Hoekstra
Wilma van der Rijt
Burgemeester Gemeente Brussum
General Major Jórg Lebert  AWACS
Major General ( Ret) Scott Smith,
Director of Trainig Readiness Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations ,Headquaters U.S Air Force , the Pentagon, Washington .D.C.
Voormalig  Minister  Geerd Leers
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Mr John Santurbano 

Director Eurocontol MUAC

Honorary Ambasssador 

Former US Ambassador 

Edwin Richard Nolan

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